Mary LANCE (c.1815-1898)

Mary Lance was born c.1815 in Truro, Cornwall.

She married William Merton Arthur on 25 December 1835.

She died on 13 December 1895 at Richmond Opening, Truro. The cause of death is given as senile decay.

Family Details

Father: John LANCE
William Merton ARTHUR

Siblings: Walter, Damaris, Walter, Sarah, John, Francis, John, Elizabeth, Thomas, Elizabeth, William & Emely

Census Details

1841 - Pydar Street, Truro (full record)
1851 - Castle Hill, Truro St Mary (
full record)
1861 - Castle Place, Truro (
full record)
1871 - St George’s Street, Truro (
full record)
1881 - 8 St George’s Street, Truro (
full record)
1891 - 8 St George’s Street, Truro (
full record)

Summary Information

Born: c.1815
Married: 25 Dec 1835
Died: c.1898


Mary (b.1837)
George (b.1838)
William (b.1840)
William (b.1843)
Sarah (b.1844)
William (b.1845)
Samuel (b.1848)
John (b.1851)
Ellen (b.1856)
Emily (b.1859)


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